Epson creates and delivers technology solutions for businesses and consumers, from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots.

ROI is not just an aspect of business; it is the foundation that determines its future. EPSON solutions are modeled and derived for a maximum ROI with the most economic printing solutions globally.

Epson has the highest printing yield compared to any printing solutions that is available. A color print on an Epson printer costs less than Laari 0.17 compared to MVR 5.75 on an average in other printing solutions. Epson receipt printers are known & accepted globally as the finest in its category.

Epson Visual Solutions have projectors ranging from home to outdoor theatre solutions. Smart projectors to large scale 25,000 lumen laser projectors to give you crisp details on any lighting.

As the Authorized distributor for Epson for Maldives we provide end to end warranty coverage followed by services to Epson products with technician trained by Epson for Epson products.

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