It seems to most that Logitech is a brand providing solutions to your computer peripherals, Maybe Logitech as a brand has left that impression on most of us seeing that on keyboards & mice. As we explored and analyzed the portfolio of Logitech, we came across solutions that will change how you connect and interact with today’s digital world.

Logitech solution ranges from your everyday input devices to enterprise smart conferencing solutions that will enhance online meetings to online teaching. Logitech carries the brands Astro, ultimate Ears, stream labs, Jay Bird, and blue under their portfolio.

Logitech carries an easy-to-deal warranty term, whereby they do not repair any units, but replace them 1 on 1 during the warranty period. Personal Computers extends the same international warranty terms today to Logitech portfolio, as the Authorized distributor for Logitech in the Maldives.

Authorized Certificate