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An innovative mindset working together in providing solutions that are reliable for years through thought-out preemptive maintenance, with years of experience & research. 15+ years in the ICT industry, Personal Computers has revolutionized the market space of the nation by providing OEM certified service in Maldives, without the need to ship-for-repair or delayed replacement units/parts due to manufacturing defects.  Personal Computers today is the national distributors of 4 major international renowned brands with service authorizations.

Achieving milestones throughout the 15+ years of presence in the ICT industry of Maldives. The first deployment of OEM certified warranty with service to an integrated modular data center in the Maldives. Personal Computers have come a long way. Today with over 100+ staff we are one of the largest ICT vendors; a national distributor for 4 major international brands.

Our Customers
“We value the bridge between us and customers, then figures that closes a sale. A returning customer is an achieved milestone.”
Our Projects
Innovating a streamlined success in this digital atmosphere, we have helped renowned brands to upgrade, install and maintain their critical infrastructure for an uninterrupted operation.
Our Brands

Our portfolio strategy includes growing existing brands and discovering new high-potential global brands that align with our solutions and offer complete comprehensive solution with OEM warranty terms. Trained Personnel for preventive maintenance for a ninety-nine percent uptime. Eliminating ship-to-repair and long waiting times for warranty replacements.